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Use this chart to see, at a glance, the income caps for MaineCare programs and discounts under ACA Marketplace plans. (March 2019)

(.pdf) Our comprehensive guide to how MaineCare works, who’s covered, services provided, and more. Updated 2018.
Chart of MaineCare programs and who each program serves. (updated: February 2017)

The Legal Services for the Elderly provides information on the Estate Recovery process.

or a precancerous condition (Reviewed: February 2017)

Other Health Care Resources

Consumers for Affordable Health Care provides information on other health care programs and services in Maine (August 2015).

Health Care and Prescription Drugs for Seniors and People with Disabilities

Online tool posted by the Medicare Rights Center, to help you determine if you're getting all of the coverage you need from Medicare, and more. (Revised:  August 2015)

Maine Prescription Drug Programs for people who cannot get full benefits from MaineCare (updated: January 2016)

Are you paying premiums for your Medicare Part B coverage or premiums and deductibles for Part D drug coverage? You may not have to! (updated: August 2015)

MaineCare for Immigrants

Farsi (updated December 2011)
French (updated December 2011)
Information for Immigrants, in English (Updated December 2011)
Kinyarwanda (updated December 2011)
Spanish (updated December 2011)
Swahili (updated December 2011)
Creole (updated December 2011)

Policy Briefs

Read about changes made by the legislature during the 2012 session. (August 2012)
Federally Funded Health Care for Maine’s Uninsured: Good Health Policy - Good for Maine’s Economy
Medicaid coverage for low-income parents and childless adults has helped to reduce Maine’s uninsured rate. (March 2013)
Maine Equal Justice Partners (MEJP) and the Maine Center for Economic Policy (MECEP) release report documenting extensive benefits for accepting federal funds. (March 2013)
Maine has an unprecedented opportunity to accept federal dollars already set aside for Maine to cover approximately 69,500 people who otherwise cannot afford it. Revised (March 2013)
A review of national and state research about the importance of coverage for low-income, childless adults ("non-cats"). (January 2012)
This analysis explores the question of whether, as a cost containment strategy, the state of Maine should consider reducing benefits and coverage for one or more groups of Medicaid-enrolled adults. (March 2009)

Affordable Care Act

(Updated: September 2015)
(July 2014)
(Updated: September 2015)

Federal Medicaid Defense

(Updated: 8 June 2017)

Medicaid Expansion


Medicaid Waiver

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