TANF Time Limit Rules: Who will determine if I qualify for an “extension”? When will the decision be made? What will DHHS consider?

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VI. Who will determine if I qualify for an “extension” of TANF after I reach my time limit?

Your ASPIRE Specialist will make the initial decision, but that worker’s decision must be approved by a supervisor before your TANF benefits can be stopped.

VII. When will the decision be made?

DHHS will make a decision about whether you qualify for an exemption or extension between the 58th and the end of the 60th month that you have gotten TANF assistance. If your TANF case does get closed, but then DHHS determines that you do qualify for an extension, you will get retroactive benefits back to the time your case closed and for the remainder of any extension for which you qualify.

VIII. What will DHHS consider in making that decision?

In determining whether to grant an extension to a family that has reached 60 months, DHHS will consider whether the family meets the requirements for that extension (described above). But, even if your family meets the requirements for an extension, DHHS will deny your extension request if:

  • You turned down a job offer or quit a job without “good cause” within the last year (see above for the list of “good cause” reasons for losing a job or refusing to accept a job);

  • You were sanctioned two or more times in the last year because you didn’t cooperate with ASPIRE, Support Enforcement; or Quality Control; or

  • Within the last three years, you were sanctioned for intentionally violating a program rule to get benefits for which you were not eligible.

June 2012