TANF Time Limit Rules: What if I fail to comply with a TANF/ASPIRE rule while I have an extension?

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XI. What if I fail to comply with a TANF/ASPIRE rule while I have an extension?

Good cause can be requested during a hardship extension if you cannot comply with a TANF/ASPIRE rule or with the terms of your family contract. You will not lose your TANF extension if you can show that you have good cause.

Good Cause includes:

  • The need to care for a family member with special needs.

  • A physical or mental health problem.

  • Illness, accident or death.

  • A serious family problem.

  • You had to appear in court or you were in jail.

  • The lack of support services like child care or transportation that prevent you from participating.

  • Bad weather that also causes others not to participate.

  • The activity in your family contract required that you travel more than two hours round trip (1 hour each way).

  • You are unable to participate because of domestic violence, including:
    • Physical or emotional injuries caused by abuse,

    • Legal proceedings, counseling or other activities related to the abuse,

    • The abuser actively interferes with your participation, or

    • The location or another aspect of participation puts you or your child at risk.

  • Any other crisis or special circumstance that you have told ASPIRE about in advance that causes you to be absent or unable to participate.

  • Any other reason beyond your control that a reasonable person would think should be good cause.

June 2012