New Affordable Housing Funds Coming to Maine - We'd like to Hear from You!

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Maine will receive 3 million dollars for the first time this year from the National Housing Trust Fund. This money is specifically intended to increase access to housing for people with the lowest incomes.

MSHA is in charge of receiving and spending these funds. Maine Equal Justice is committed to ensuring that MSHA receives input from the people these funds should benefit – those who have struggled or who are currently struggling to access or maintain safe and affordable housing. We are organizing a focus group in early May so that MSHA can hear directly from renters, service providers and advocates as part of their community input process for determining the best use of these new funds. There will also be an opportunity for anyone to submit written comments to MSHA later in the summer.

Space is limited for the focus group, but if you are interested in participating, or if you would like to learn more, please contact Kate Brennan at Maine Equal Justice Partners. She can be reached at 207-626-7058 ext. 204 or