Introducing the Equal Justice Partners Circle

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This spring Maine Equal Justice is bringing together a dozen diverse people from across the state who are ready to take on the injustice of poverty in our state. The situation for people with low income in Maine right now is unacceptable – poor people are under attack, blamed and shamed at every turn.

We can turn this around and build a future where everyone can meet their basic needs and live with dignity. We can work across our differences, harness the strength that comes with diversity and achieve equal justice for all.  The Equal Justice Partners Circle is an effort to bring the leadership of low income people together into powerful collective action!

The power to make change is within us!

This year’s Partners Circle members hail from Augusta, Garland, Harpswell, Monmouth, Durham, Lewiston, and Parsonsfield. We have invited this group to be part of our Equal Justice Partners Circle because they have shown courage and leadership in standing up and speaking out against injustice. These bold individuals bring experience speaking up for housing justice, food access, immigrant rights, access to higher education and child care, racial justice, fair wages and more. Partners Circle members feel the injustice of poverty and are moved to act to end it. The Equal Justice Partners Circle gatherings will make space for the group to share and learn advocacy skills and use their leadership skills to take action.

The four sessions will cover the following topics:  

  1. Creating a Vision for Change
  2. How can we make bigger changes together? (Organizing and Power)
  3. Make it plain - Sharing our Story in Public (Our Message and Getting it out there)
  4. Recruiting our Neighbors to Join us

There is a role for everyone in this work. We agree that everyone has something to lead on and everyone has something to learn.

Interested in learning more about the Equal Justice Partners Circle? Contact Kate Brennan at kbrennan@mejp.orgor 207-626-7058 ext. 204.