Here is how to figure your TANF Grant! (reviewed March 2009)

Much has happened to help families who lose their TANF when they go to work. This information is to help you know what assistance you can still get. (Updated: August 2015)

Help for Immigrants

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Policy Briefs

Report finds families losing assistance face multiple barriers and experience severe hardships due to TANF time limits. (March 2013)
Get the Report's "Key Findings". (January 2011)
TANF Time Limits, One Year Later: How Families are Faring. (March 2014)
Lessons from a 2010 Survey of Maine TANF Families. (January 2011)

Alternative Aid

TANF Time Limits

Learn about the latest major changes and how to protect yourself from losing benefits prematurely. (June 2012)

TANF Deprivation

Learn about TANF rules concerning whether a child is "deprived" of parental support and care. You can be barred from receiving TANF if the child's other parent shares custody and parental responsibilities. (March 2010)

ASPIRE Sanctions

(Updated: June 2017)
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