TANF Time Limit Rules: How do Time Limits affect my other benefits?

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XIII. How do Time Limits affect my other benefits?

Food Supplement (formerly known as Food Stamps) and MaineCare. Only TANF has a 60-month time limit. The time limit does not apply to Food Supplements, MaineCare or other benefits. Your Food Supplement benefits may increase if you lose your TANF income.

Transitional Benefits for Working Families. In order to get “transitional” benefits you must be working at the time you leave TANF or your TANF extension. These important services include transportation, supplemental food benefits, and child care. If you are not working when you lose your TANF because you reached the 60-month time limit and sometime later you become employed, you will not be able to get these transitional services (You may be able to get help from the childcare subsidy program but there is often a 6-month waiting period to qualify for help).

  • For families who are working when they reach the 60 month limit: If you are working at the time that you reach your 60-month TANF limit and do not qualify for an extension or exemption, you may qualify for TANF Transitional benefits - even if you are just working a few hours when you lose your TANF you may qualify for these important benefits.

  • For families that get a job while they are getting a TANF extension beyond 60 months: If you get a job while you are getting a TANF extension and: (1) lose TANF because of the income from this job, or (2) choose to end your extension early because you are working, you can still get TANF transitional benefits (child care, transportation, worker supplement benefits and MaineCare) if you are eligible.

Please visit our website for more information about transitional services.

June 2012