Maine People Agree

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Laurie Greene

“It’s very discouraging to try so hard every day and never be able to get ahead.”

Laurie is a single mom from down east who worked hard to get a college degree in mental health and human services.  Today her work is helping others and she brings a deep understanding of what it means to live in hard times to that work.  More...

Lucy Barnhart

We need to raise awareness about how wages don’t keep up with the cost  of living - that is what really contributes most to the cycle of poverty. ”

Lucy lives in Hancock County.  She has always worked—often at multiple jobs—to raise her daughter as a single mom.  More...

Patricia Callahan

We need to address how endless exposure to the stress of ‘never having enough’ can break the human spirit. The current climate of blaming individuals for their choices misses the mark and impacts a recipients’ sense of self. 

Patricia is a 46-year old single parent of a teenage son living in Kennebec County.   Despite more than two decades of professional work, she has been unable to leave poverty behind.  More...


Peggy Kolesar

We need to provide living wage jobs, affordable housing, transportation, child care and health care. That’s what will help lift people out of poverty.

Peggy is a 54 year old woman from Kennebec County who raised her children as a single mom while both working and attending college.  More...

Steve Husson

"With the financial struggles we are having I can't see how anyone in Maine could get by on near or minimum wage. It's impossible"

Steve is in his early 60s and lives with his family in Penobscot County. For years Steve had a good job, but the company he worked for moved offshore.  More...

Rochelle Riordan 

"Parents as Scholars (PaS) is an invaluable program that enables individuals an opportunity to be self-supporting. I’m living-proof. I am a PaS graduate and for the last seven years I have had NO government assistance.”

Rochelle is a single mom living in Androscoggin County who worked her way through college with the help of the Parents as Scholars program.   More...