What’s Next on Medicaid Expansion (14 Dec 2017)

Maine has become the first state in the nation to expand Medicaid by ballot initiative, bringing health care to more than 70,000 people!

This victory belongs to you--the individuals and groups who wrote letters, knocked on doors, shared messages, and donated to support this vital work. And it belongs to Maine voters, who resoundingly said that they want more affordable health care, not less!  

Expansion is the law of the land in Maine. This measure is long overdue, and we will stand together to ensure that it is enforced.  

Medicaid Expansion: a good deal for Maine

Federal funds were earmarked for Maine 3 years ago that would provide health insurance to 70,000 Mainers by expanding Medicaid coverage. The Maine Legislature passed legislation five times to put these federal funds to work for Maine. The Governor has vetoed each bill without having a true understanding of the implications.

No one should be blocked from accessing affordable health insurance, especially when so many need care or medicine and there are simple ways to improve the system.

Learn more about why this is a good deal for Maine:


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